$49 Plan

With an unprecedented price of $49 a month, you can get a strong online presence …ing the Internet — website, social media, review pages, and top search engines. What’s more! We will get you your own domain name (like yourbusinessname,com) for free!


While it is possible to promote your business without a website through review sites and social media, that marketing approach is crippled because it lacks a central marketing hub.  With your own website, you can have more power and broader options.  Here is an example.  You can capture emails from website visitors and add them to your customer-base for email marketing.  Another example.  Some of our customers have multiple entries appear in search engine results.  They are links to their website along with social media and review sites.  Search engines and social media platforms are smart these days.  Your business presence in multiple platforms will eventually increase the chance of higher rankings and can result in multiple appearances in the first page of a top search engine results.  Imagine your business appearing in search engine results while your competitors appear only once or even none!

What does the website look like?

The website is a single page website that will contain vital information about your business, your own photos and images, and your own domain name. As you can see, it contains pretty much all the elements of full blown websites such as Google Map, contact form, and even multiple menus. As your business grows, you can upgrade this website to a full blown website with complete content management system, unlimited pages and articles, blogs, and even ecommerce website.

Why have we come up with this radical pricing?

Cross Dimensional Marketing As we strive to result in the most efficient marketing strategy, we have developed several methodologies combining both online and offline marketing efforts. There are many web design companies. Also there are many marketing companies. There are some companies that do the both. We believe we are the first and only one offering Cross Dimensional Marketing plans, combination of online and offline marketing. All of your digital signage in your store, printed coupons, your ads on local newspapers, for example, should be aligned with your online marketing material such as consistent messages, look and feel. In addition to that, both online and offline marketing efforts should contain right funneling and retargeting strategy in place.


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Barbara Sharp

CEO, Divi Inc.